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Thanks for stopping by! It was a pleasure to share my Four Quadrants of Functional Diagnosis info with you. Please find below some of the resources I shared with you at the Quantum Summit 2017 in Austin:

Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire

CLICK HERE to download the NAQ in PDF format

Biomarkers Needed for Comprehensive FBCA

CLICK HERE to download the “Biomarkers Needed for a Comprehensive Analysis” handout in PDF format

FBCA Tracking Forms

CLICK HERE to download my FBCA Manual Tracking Forms in PDF format

Functional PE Tracking Form

CLICK HERE to download my Functional PE Tracking Form in PDF format

If you are interested in getting copies of my Four-Quadrant Reference Books please visit my AMAZON PAGE for more details!

Why Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis is the ULTIMATE Functional Medicine Assessment Test (A Free Crash Course)

The Blood Chemistry and CBC test is the most commonly ordered lab test in the world. Find out how blood testing can become one of your most valuable assessment tools with this free mini-training.