The Winter 2013 Release will be available to all active users in mid to late February (specific dates have not yet been established).

This release will allow you to use the software as more than just a report-generating service. I’ve built in key links within the practitioner reports that hyperlink to specific areas of the Blood Reference Guide (my book in digital form), I’ve upgraded both of these Guides with brand new information, I’ve enhanced the Index Reports to make it easier for you to explain your findings to your patients, and I’ve added a “Practitioner’s Notes” report so you can write in any information you want on the patients and have that become part of the reports.

Index Report Enhancements

In the Functional and Nutrient Index reports I’ve included a section at the bottom of each index report (see sample picture below) that shows the elements that are used in the calculation of the different indexes. It shows those values that are contributing to the index that are high and low as well as those that are optimal. I also decided to show those elements that are included in the calculation but are not included in the lab results. This will help you explain to your patient, for example, why the Cardiovascular Risk Index is still relevant even though the value is only 40% because some of the key markers for the index, such as HS-CRP, Free testosterone, Fasting Insulin, Fibrinogen, and Homocysteine were not run.

PLEASE NOTE: This info will only be shown on the Practitioner version of the report.

Practitioner Report Enhancements

I really want the software to be a great research and reference tool for you so I asked the programmer to include hyperlinks from a number of the practitioner reports (Blood Test Results, Blood Test History and % Deviations Reports) to link into the Blood Reference Guide. Let’s say you are looking at a report and want to know what dysfunctions/conditions are associated with an elevated Fasting Insulin. Now you can just click the link that’s embedded in the high Fasting Insulin number and it’ll take you straight to the High/Low section of my Blood Reference Guide! Same with the hyperlinks associated with each element. Forgot what Potassium is measuring? Just click the link and you’ll get all the info you need right at your fingertips!

NEW Practitioner Notes Section

Many people have been asking for a place to write notes about a particular patient or add a specific lab test result that’s not included in the software. well, we’ve built that in to the software. On each Lab Data Entry page there’s now a section to write in any notes. It’s a simple text editor so you can use different heading sizes and make the info look good. This is a great place to add in lab test results that are not used in the software, notes about the patient’s progress, Chief Complaints or even full treatment plans. This section can also be included as a report in the report center!

Blood Reference and Clinical Conditions Guide Updates

This new Update will include more information in the 2 reference guides I’ve built into the software so you can have more info at your fingertips. The Blood Reference Guide is basically an updated online version of my best-selling book and the Clinical Conditions Guide is basically my Naturopathic “Black Book” put online with great info on all the different conditions, dysfunctions and indexes that I refer to in the software. I trust these will become great tools for you as you use this software more and more with your patients.

ANNOUNCEMENT: My Online Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA) Training Program

I now offer an online training Program in FBCA run from my site . I am committed to getting you the very best knowledge to use along with the software so make sure to get on the waiting list for the next training. This training will greatly enhance your use of the software so you can serve more patients. I’m excited to have you join me!

Well, that’s it for the Winter 2013 Upgrade Release. As always please keep your suggestions coming. This is a tool I hope you will use for years to come. Remember these 2 things: the price you are paying now will not change as long as you keep an active account and all upgrades are FREE!

All the best,

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