We trust 2016 is off to an incredible start. I wanted to let you know of some improvements that have been made to the software, and I hope you’ll be excited to hear about them!

Change to Look and Feel

If you log into the software today you’ll notice a slight change to the look and feel. Nothing drastic, but an overall tightening up of the layout, the colors and the graphics plus new mini-icons on the drop down menus. I think it is easier on the eyes and hope you do too. 

Elements are now Biomarkers

I’ve always disliked the term “Elements” to describe the individual markers that we test for, so in all the reports and throughout the software we will now be referring to those individual markers as “Biomarkers”. I think it’s a much more descriptive term and one that is being adopted in the wider Functional Medicine testing world.

Inactive Patient Notification

We wanted a way to remind you of when a patient had their last blood test and so came up with the “Inactive patient Notification” system. Now, if it has been over 120 days since the last blood test a flag will appear next to the patinet’s name in the “View Patients” page. If it has been over 350 days another flag will appear. This is how it looks:

This is a great opportunity to get those patients back into the clinic for a follow-up blood test and consultation. Great for the continuity of care for the patient and great for the bottom-line of the clinic too!

Non-Essential Patient Data

We’ve had a few users wonder why we ask for so much info about their patients when setting up their individual accounts in the software. Truth be told there’s really no need for us to do that as we are not a CRM or EHR tool. So, from here on out all you need to put into the software in terms of patient info is: First name, Last name, Gender and Date of Birth. The software generates a unique identifier within the secure database that uniquely identifies the patient for those of you using the direct import feature built into the software. This should save a bit of time when adding new patients into the software.

Showing age of patient at time of the test

If you’re like me, you may want to review older lab test info with your patients to compare change over time. Now, when you generate a report on a patient’s lab test that’s more then 6 months old it will tell you the age of the patient at the time the blood test was taken as well as their current age. 

Blood Test Results report

We’ve made an update to the Blood Test Results report. Now, when the first blood test for a patient is entered the system, you will only see 1 column of results. When an additional test is added you will see the 2 columns of results next door to each other showing change, both positive and negative.

< and > in your lab data

We have made a change to the way biomarker results are handled in the software so you can now include the < or > symbol when you enter biomarker results into the software. These will now be displayed in the reports.

New Subscription plans

We will be releasing an updated BloodChemSoftware.com site in early February and have made some changes to the various subscription plans. We used to have 2 plans: “Starter” and “Unlimited”. Now we will have 3: “Startup”, “Professional” and “Enterprise”. Those of you in the “Unlimited” plan will now be “Professional”. Nothing about your subscription will change with the exception of the name. Those of you that are currently in the “Starter” plan, i.e. you get 12 lab tests/month, will move into a “Starter Legacy” plan. The “Starter” plan as it exists today will no longer be available once the new site goes live. You will continue to get the same level of service and features as you do today as long as you maintain an active subscription.

New Pricing – but not for you!

We haven’t raised our prices since the first software subscription back in October 2012 and the software has undergone many improvements and upgrades since that time. So, we are raising our prices – but not for you! As long as you keep an active subscription in the software you will continue to enjoy all the features you have access to today. However, if you close your account and re-activate it at a later date you will not be able to come back at the exisiting “legacy” prices.

New Product Reference Guide – Professional and Enterprise plans only

We now have a product reference guide in the Clinical Tools section. This is a quick way for you to review the various products built into the software. It is organized by company and shows Name, Dosage and Directions, Prodyuct Details, a Photo and a URL to the product in the company website if it is available. It will only show the products that you have personally eabled in your Plugins page.

New Server – Faster Response Time

In December we moved the software program and database over to a brand new server. Since then we have all enjoyed a much faster response time as we move around the software. Nowhere is this felt more than in the rendering of report PDFs! Saving time is why many of use a software reporting tool.

All the best to you in 2016 and beyond,

Dicken and Angie Weatherby

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