The New “Core” Functional Health Report

We are excited about the release of our brand-new “Core” Interactive Functional Health Report, which takes functional diagnostic lab reporting to another level by allowing you, the practitioner to move between the various sections of the report as you give … Read More

Introducing The New Summary Reports and More..

We’re always striving to make it easier for you to communicate the findings from your Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis to your patients, and giving your patient meaning to their lab test results is a big part of your success. That’s … Read More

Absolute White Blood Cell Count Conversion

UPDATE 3-28-2017 We just released an upgrade to the software! We now have a built-in calculator that will convert an absolute count of an individual White Blood Cell (Neutrophil, Lymphocyte, Monocyte, Eosinophil or Basophil) to the % value so those … Read More