We’re always striving to make it easier for you to communicate the findings from your Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis to your patients, and giving your patient meaning to their lab test results is a big part of your success.

That’s why we’ve built a powerful new Summary Report section to give you more options for communicating with your patients. With the new Summary Reports, we have made some additional changes to the reports as well.

Here’s what’s new:

Re-ordering of Report Center

One of the first things you’ll notice is that we have an extra column of reports to select from, The Summary Reports (more on this later) but along with that change came a re-ordering of the reports. I decided to put the Health Improvement Plan, and Product Summary reports down towards the bottom because I felt that the areas that need treatment and the treatments themselves should appear after the explanation of what is going on.

*NEW Traffic Light Color Scheme

We have re-tooled the color scheme on all of the reports to follow a classic “Traffic Light” model:

RED = Above/Below Standard Range
YELLOW: Above/Below Optimal Range
GREEN: Within the Optimal range

This color scheme is used by many of the “Alternative” labs we all use and I felt that it allows for a quick way to see what’s out of the Standard and Optimal ranges. The up and down arrows remain to allow you to discern the values that are above or below their respective ranges. I know this may get some getting used to but I hope, after time, you will see the value of it. This new color scheme has been applied to all the reports that show values outside the standard and optimal ranges and also on the Patient Dashboard spotlights.

Gradation of Color on Index Reports

The Functional Index, Nutrient Index, Nutrient Deficiency, and Clinical Dysfunctions reports all have a slightly different color scheme:


New Blood Test Results Report – Categorized

We have adopted a new way of reporting the blood test results that is more graphical and uses the latest in Informatic Design to showcase the results. This report uses the new traffic light color scheme and the biomarkers appear in their new categories. This should make it much easier to explain the results to your patients:


The old Blood Test Results report is now called “Blood Test Results – Comparative”

New Summary Report

I decided to give you a way to show your patients their test results using graphs only. We stripped out much of the narrative descriptions and give you only the graphs that accompany the Functional Index, Nutrient Index, Nutrient Deficiency, and Clinical Dysfunctions reports. We also added in graphs for the Health Improvement Plan summary. If you run all 5 Summary reports you end up with a report that is roughly 10-12 pages.

New Title Page

We re-tooled the title page to be more up-to-date and contemporary.



The best way to appreciate all the changes is to visit the Report Center and run some reports. I also made a short video that explains the new changes. You can review it at the top of this page.

All the best,

Dicken Weatherby,

Founder Blood Chem Software


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